Warranty Information
Five Star Standard 5 Year Limited Warranty
A Five Star Warranty is provided on all Five Star utility buildings. Five Star, Inc. uses trained craftsman and materials selected only for quality to produce the industries finest utility buildings. Should a problem arise, we will replace or repair the defective item. This warranty covers all materials and labor.

It is the customer's responsibility to keep vegetation out from the perimater of the building to allow free flow of air. No skirting or other obstruction should be used which might obstruct this circulation. Customer also agrees to caulk all vents, windows and horizontal trim and should apply the final coat of finish within 90 days after the comstruction is completed. All dimensions are approximate.

Five Star, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for acts of God (such as extreme wind, lightning, etc.), or abuse through neglect, or vandalism. Warranties are never in force until the unit is paid for.
Also Available---

Five Star 10 Year Extended Limited Warranty
This provides an additional 5 years to your warranty. Included in this warranty:
Covers all materials and labor; caulk horizontal joints of barns which helps prevent water damage to buildings; Door Stabilizers, these hooks and eyes secure the doors open to prevent wind damage to the doors and roof.

10 Year Warranty is based on building width:
6' and 8' wides = $89.00
10' wides = $119.00
12' wides = $149.00
16' wides = $199.00
Customer's Responsibility
  • Caulk and Paint within limits of warranty
  • Acquire building permits if required in your area
  • Provide access to electricity
  • Be sure zoning and real estate covenants will be met
  • Notify Five Star, Inc. if site is more than 6" from being level. (There will be an additional charge for leveling more than 6")
  • Make arrangements for payment of unit upon placing order - we have choice of cash (check), Master Card, Visa, Discover or 90 days (SAC).
  • Check delivery fees for areas outside of Indianapolis
  • All units are shipped C.O.D.

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